Pay by Neteller Casino

For those who have not yet heard of it, Neteller is an alternate payment method that’s very popular among casino players. Pay by Neteller casino sites offer the option are ever increasing, as more players learn about the service.

In this article, we’ll be assessing what makes this payment method popular and how to use it.

How to use a Pay by Neteller Casino

The process of registering at a pay by Neteller casino shouldn’t be much different to registering to use any other payment method. It’s a simple sign up process with most pay by Neteller casino brands, just give them some information and you’re ready to play.

The next part of the process depends on how you choose to pay by Neteller casino deposit. You can use a prepaid card from the service, which you would just treat like a MasterCard, or use their online service, similar to PayPal.

Each of these will help you in a pay by Neteller casino to keep your card details safe and sound. These will assist you in preventing your card details or identity from being stolen. Some pay by Neteller casino sites will even give you perks from using this payment method.

Why Have Pay By Neteller Casino Sites Become so Popular?

There are many reasons that this payment method is overtaking many others in the market. It’s a trusted way to pay by Neteller casino deposits, as the owners have a big name in the payment method market. They own Paysafecard, which is an ewallet service that is slightly different to pay by Neteller casino options.

This voucher based service allows you to purchase a nominal voucher and then you can redeem it online. This is a slightly more involved service, but either way is a good way to keep your information safe.

Another reason that pay by Neteller casino sites are very popular is the convenience that they offer to players. There’s no need to go out of your way to deposit safely with a pay by Neteller casino which is very appealing to players. It’s similar to PayPal but there are more options to how you want to pay.

With your Neteller MasterCard, you can even use this sites on non pay by Neteller casino sites, as they will usually accept a prepaid MasterCard. This gives you more flexibility, as you’re not restricted to just pay by Neteller casino sites.

The fact that certain pay by Neteller casino will also give you added promotions for using the method just makes it better for players. There are thousands of pay by Neteller casino sites, so you can really feel free to pick what you want.

The safekeeping of your payment methods is a huge bonus, as your card details can be safer from hackers and scams. You can also look forward to payment protection and fraud insurance with this payment method, even if you are targeted as a victim of fraud. Then you can play with peace of mind.

Avid players may have noticed that over the last few years, payment methods have become more varied. Whilst paying by credit or debit card used to be the only option for players, at many casinos this no longer the case. With the introduction of e-wallets and voucher-based methods, players now have far more choice in how they deposit. E-wallets are particularly useful for mobile players, thanks to their compatibility with mobile devices. In this article, we’re looking one of our favourites. Neteller can be found at a huge number of online casinos and offers an extremely convenient service. If you’re thinking of visiting a casino to pay by neteller, check out the rest of this article for essential info.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is a popular e-wallet by the PaySafe Group. This group has many, many years of experience in the payment methods. They are responsible for many other payment services which you may have come across such as Skrill and Paysafecard vouchers. If you’re in any doubt of this company’s validity, look them up. They have a vast record of innovation.

An e-wallet is named thus, as it functions as a digital wallet. It is an encrypted place online to keep your bank details. Instead of simply using your card to pay a vendor, when you pay by neteller there is some extra protection. It also has some other benefits that we will look at in the next section.

The Benefits of Using Neteller

Using Neteller as a casino player has some fantastic benefits. We’ve listed the main advantages of choosing to pay by neteller below:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Instant transfer
  • High deposit limit
  • Fast withdrawal processing
  • Safer transfer of funds
  • Option to apply for a prepaid MasterCard

Each of these benefits makes playing at an online casino far easier. The prepaid card, in particular, is a great addition to the service. Its inclusion means that you can withdraw funds to your Neteller wallet and then withdraw them at an ATM.

The use of a Neteller e-wallet is not tied to solely to the online gambling industry. Once you’ve set up the wallet, you can use it to pay for goods and services in any sector. The wallet accepts transfers from 26 different currencies, including cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Transfers can be sent to anyone, as long as you have their email address. They don’t even need to have a wallet. For further protection, you can set up two-set authentication. The service is fully regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

Neteller vs PayPal

When many of us think of online payment methods, we often immediately think of PayPal. The service has gained a huge level of support in the retail industry and beyond. Recently, it has begun making its way to online casinos. You may have noticed many pay by paypal casinos.

PayPal too offers a great service, with secure and instantaneous transactions available to anyone in the world. From personal experience, I can also say that in the one instance where my PayPal account was breached that the incident was investigated and I was fully refunded. So, why should you choose to pay by neteller when PayPal is available?

Well, PayPal has a definite edge due to its level of brand awareness. As there are many PayPal plugins for website available for free, many online merchants accept transfers using the service. However, it does not offer a prepaid card. You’ll never be able to pay for goods at a POS terminal which accepts cards only with a PayPal account. With the Neteller MasterCard, you can. It is accepted anywhere that displays a MasterCard sign, making the service extremely flexible. When you pay by neteller, you have a host of options.

Aside from the prepaid card, PayPal and Neteller are very evenly matched. You’ll find that they both tend to have the same withdrawal turnaround times and deposit limits. If you’re looking to find a wallet that is compatible with a massive number than vendors then PayPal is a great option. However, the Neteller MasterCard gives you access to the same vendors. You just may not get the e-wallet specific benefits when using the card, such as refund processing etc.

How to Start Using Neteller

S, you want to pay by Neteller? Then you’ll be glad to know that it is extremely easy to do so. Your first stop should be the Neteller website, as this is where you’ll set up your account. Just click the ‘join now’ tab to pull up the registration document. You’ll then be asked to complete the required field. Once you’ve done so, you have officially have a Neteller account. You may also want to download the app and sign in so that you can transfer using your mobile device.

Follow the prompts to deposit into your Neteller account. You’ll have to add a card to do this. Before you can make a deposit to another site from your account, you must have at least £8 in your account.

When you enter your preferred online casino, you’ll find that choosing to pay by neteller is extremely easy. Just go to the banking portal as usual and select Neteller as your payment method. Then just enter the amount then you wish to deposit and follow the authentication process. Note that deposit an amount, you must first have to transfer this level of funds to your Neteller e-wallet. Even if your bank account houses the relevant funds, you must transfer it into the wallet before the deposit will take.

Overall, beginning to pay by neteller is a very painless process even for someone unfamiliar with e-wallets. Neteller offers a great service but faces stiff competition from heavyweights like PayPal and Skrill casinos. However, the addition of its prepaid MasterCard allows it to stand out from the crowd. The next time you hit an online casino, look for the Neteller logo to see whether it is compatible. It may also be a good idea to check the T & Cs of specific casinos to assess limits, withdrawal times etc.