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We do everything from our phones nowadays don’t we? Whether it be watching our favourite programmes, listening to music, accessing social media to see what all of our friends are up to, or even mobile banking. But did you know that you can also access a pay by phone casino of your choice? Most of your favourite online casinos are now a pay by phone casino and this a very popular payment for a whole host of reason. Find out the different ways in which you can pay by phone here!

In case you didn’t already know, a pay by phone casino is simply a payment method which means that players can fund their casino account with cash straight from their phone. It really is that simple. Plus, with so many advantages, why would you not want to try out a pay by phone casino?

Deposit by Phone Bill Pay by Phone Casino

Depositing by phone bill is increasingly becoming more and more popular due to its convenience, ease of use, and security features. It can be a little daunting entering your personal and card details into an unfamiliar website of any kind, not just online casinos, and what’s great about a pay by phone casino that accepts depositing by phone bill as a payment method is that you need never hand over any of your card details. This obviously provides a major advantage to this type of payment method.

How is this done you may be asking yourself? Well, it really is very simple, which is another reason why it’s so popular! Players can simply deposit to the online casino through their mobile phone number! Your funds will be added straight into your account and the charge will then be added onto your monthly phone bill. However, not to worry if you don’t have a monthly phone contract as pay as you go customers can also use this method as the funds will just come straight off of your top up. This method is also extremely secure as you will be sent a text to confirm your deposit before the funds are added to your account and phone bill. This can be done anytime, anywhere, and so for players who love to gamble on the go, this really is the perfect way to play and deposit your cash at a pay by phone casino.

Another reason why phone bill payments at a pay by phone casino is so popular is that not only are your payments super secure, they are also great for those gamblers who can tend to be a little careless with their cash. If you are a little lazy with keeping track of your cash and want to gamble more responsibly then this really is the best way for you to deposit at a pay by phone casino. Why? Because there is a daily limit! This means that you can only spend a set amount each day, and with phone bill depositing this limit is normally not very high and daily, so you physically won’t be able to deposit any more cash if you’ve blown your winnings for that day. Of course, you can still always just deposit the next day, but it’s still better than nothing, right?

It might seem a little old-fashioned, but this payment method also works for a phone on a BT Landline! It pretty much works the same way as mobile with your cash being added to your phone bill, but before you are completely put off by this idea, we’re here to let you know that you don’t need to call BT to do this. We all know how frustrating it can be all those wasted hours on the phone in a queue!

It is worth bearing in mind, however, that this payment option can only be used to deposit funds into your account, and not for any withdrawals. For this reason, you may prefer to use one of the E-Wallet payment listed below.

Pay By Phone Casino E-Wallet and E-Voucher Payment Options

Another popular way to deposit cash at a pay by phone casino is through an E-Wallet or E-Voucher. Most of these E-Wallets and E-Vouchers have special apps that you can download making the whole process of depositing cash at your chosen pay by phone casino really quick and simple.

  • PayPal – PayPal is normally the top choice when it comes to E-Wallet options, and it is not exactly hard to see why! Your favourite pay by phone casino is likely to take this payment option as it is extremely popular with not only online gamblers but also just online shoppers in general. This is a payment method in which you can link up your bank account to your PayPal account, which is free to download, and then you can simply pick the PayPal option when depositing into your pay by phone casino The casino will never have access to your bank details using this payment method, but you can still be vulnerable to hackers as your details are still stored online.
  • PaySafe Card – Another popular pay by phone casino payment option is PaySafe Card. PaySafe Card is simply like a gift card. You can buy these in a store and then use this when you deposit online in the same manner as you would do with a gift card. This is great as it means you don’t have to put your card details online, in fact you don’t even need to use a card to buy them, however, it is a lot less convenient for many players as you physically have to go to a store and can’t quickly purchase it on w him from your mobile phone.


Remember, before joining any new casino double check that it is definitely a pay by phone casino, as there are still a few out there that only accept card as a valid payment method. Get depositing today to see how much you could win!