Pay by Ukash Casino

Those who have played on casino sites in the past may have used pay by Ukash casino sites before. These can’t really be found anymore, prompting many to ask why there are no more pay by Ukash casino sites. It’s a bit of a mystery to some but we have all of the answers right here!

Pay By Ukash Casino Methods Were Removed

Back in 2015, pay by Ukash casino sites were everywhere which was a testament to the success of the payment method. Their competitors, Paysafecard, were attempting to take more control over the market as they were a close second to pay by Ukash casino sites.

Their owners, who also own Skrill, purchased the Ukash payment method but kept both on the market. It seemed to pay by Ukash casino users that they would just run both payment methods for the time being but this was not the case.

It started when no more Ukash vouchers could be purchased, as the owners began to remove the payment method from the market. This meant that pay by Ukash casino sites still accepted existing vouchers but they could not buy any more. Users were instead prompted to use Paysafecard for their usual pay by Ukash casino transactions.

In October, there came the news that any purchased pay by Ukash casino vouchers would become defunct and void. This meant that any players had to pay by Ukash casino vouchers before the end of the month or they would lose their money.

This ultimately led to the end of pay by Ukash casino sites, as the payment method was no longer in circulation.

Alternative Pay By Ukash Casino Options

When the big pay by Ukash casino change took place, the owners sent their customers to Paysafecard instead, but is this a viable option?

At the time, there were more pay by Ukash casino sites than ones that accepted Paysafecard but that very quickly changed. Now there are thousands of sites that accept this voucher service after a brief teething process. Many pay by Ukash casino sites simply switched over to accepting Paysafecard instead.

The security offered by a pay by Ukash casino site was always at the forefront of players’ minds but Paysafecard is equally as dependable. It has become an established name within the alternate payments industry, so it can be used with confidence.

The actual method of using a Paysafecard casino is very similar to pay by Ukash casino options. Just buy the voucher, top up the account and then you’re ready to play. Since the removal of Ukash, many players have opted to use PayPal instead, as they view it as a better way to deposit.

The big advantage that this payment method has is that you can use it to withdraw too, so it’s even better for busy players. You also don’t need to venture outside to buy anything with PayPal, so it has an added aspect of convenience for players that don’t want to or can’t make it to a retailer.