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Common mistakes new blackjack players make

by Murphy Evans

On the face of it, blackjack can seem like a fairly easy game. There’s only you and a dealer, and the aim is to get as close to 21 in your hand as possible. There are some intricacies along the way, however, that can make this casino favorite a little bit more complex than you expect. If you are completely new to playing blackjack, you may actually find yourself falling down one or two common potholes without ever realizing it.

But don’t worry! You’re not alone. If it’s your first time at an NJ online casino, you will likely want to brush up on your card playing skills to really maximize those returns. Resorts Casino is a great place to start when it comes to physical practice. However, let’s consider a few common mistakes newbies make when they first start out so you’re well prepared.

Fumbling your aces

At the start, aces can be tricky. You need to establish in the game whether any aces you draw are likely to be high, low, or both. That means aces can count as either one, eleven, or commonly, both. In some cases, players may be happy to stick or stand on a hand of an ace and a six; however, that only really adds up to seven, or at most, 17. Even if you go bust on that high, you’ll still have the low to play for. Make sure you consider both ends of play when aces are involved!

Not knowing your limits

Blackjack, again, may seem easy. Once you’re on a roll, it’s difficult to not feel that buzz, and to not want to keep splashing the cash. However, there is such a thing as variance, and that means you are never likely to win all of the hands all of the time. Crucially, many newbie blackjack players end up getting too cocky early on, and that can lead to a serious depletion of cash in the bankroll. Play it nice and steady, and don’t just play hands for the sake of showing off.

Not diversifying on tables

When you start playing blackjack at physical casinos, it’s easy to assume that all tables and dealers work to the same bets and limits. They don’t. You’ll have some tables that offer higher bets and more complex wagers for high rollers. There are likely to be entry-level tables at most casinos, too – where bets are likely to be simpler, and it’s unlikely that you will need to spend over the top to get a return. Our advice here is, of course, to look at the different tables carefully, and don’t just lay your money down at the first blackjack dealer you come across.

Is blackjack easy?

Blackjack isn’t a game you can really call easy or difficult. It does involve some skill, but at the same time, you need to be careful with your luck. In time, you may well start to see your bankroll boost from clever blackjack strategy.

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