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How do you set limits and stick by them?

by Murphy Evans

Don’t expect certain results:  

One of the most important gambling principles which anyone can learn involves not expecting a specific result when placing bets.

People need to realise that if they are constantly rooting for one team or another, then they will never make smart plays with their money; therefore, they should always try to remain as unbiased as possible.

Use sharp money-line plays:  

For new gamblers who have never heard of a money-line play, this is something which uses units and the number of goals to determine whether you’ll win or lose.

For example, if one team has 4/5 odds while another has 7/2 odds, then it will be clear that the former is favoured more than the latter for whatever reason (most likely because people think that the underdog has a better chance of winning).

Look at lines from several different sources:  

One thing about football gambling that new players don’t quite understand yet is how important using multiple sources can be. Many books might have slightly different number; therefore, always make sure to compare them when placing bets on games in order to lock in the best possible value.

Set limits and stick to them:  

This is a popular piece of advice that many people like to give to beginners who are starting out with football gambling.

The truth is that you should never bet more than what can be considered “fun money” and only use your real cash when you want to make a big play which gives you the biggest chance at winning.

Avoid playing favourites:  

You will often hear some gamblers tell others that they need to focus on betting on favourites because they have an advantage over these types of teams; however, this is nonsense.

All players need to understand that it really doesn’t matter which team you’re going with; instead, it’s more important how much value you get for your bets.

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