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What to know about matched betting

by Murphy Evans

Before knowing hvordan vinne på odds, there are things you need to know about matched betting so that you can progress on well:

What is lay commission?

When bets are being laid, you will need to pay a small percentage of your winnings as commission. And that is the way the betting exchanges end up making their money, versus the normal bookmakers who end up making money by having to provide you odds which are unfair. Even with the commission already factored in, exchanges do end up returning more profit when dealing with bets all the time.

What is liability?

Liability refers to the amount of money you are likely to lose when you lay bet. If for example you placed a bet of about $25 with a bookmaker at odds of about 3.0 2/1, you will likely win $50 in form of profits. The liability in the scenario for the bookmaker is $50. When you lay bets, you become the bookmaker.  The good thing is that, you are not actually going to lose money when you use the back and lay technique

How to do matched betting

Matched betting sounds like it are something scary and difficult in the beginning but for sure, it is not. It is currently one of the go to choices for students who are out looking to earn some money in a healthy way. If the students are able to do that as they combine it with study why not? It is also known to be extremely popular with mums who are stay at home who require earning some money but at the same time, don’t want to commit to a certain pattern of working hours.

It doesn’t mean that everyone who is doing this is a stay at home mum or a student. Majority of matched bettors are average people who want to have some financial freedom.

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